Writing and fencing do not pay the bills to keep the computer running so I can write. They do not pay for training and travel to tournaments. You are shocked, I’m sure. I picked two professions not known for providing an adequate living ( at least for a while ). I do web programming and graphic design work to pay for the things life requires.

Web Design

I began designing websites in 1995. The internet was a different animal then! Since that time, I have continued to adapt and change as the web does. I can develop sites from your small company or blog to the largest corporate sites. I’ve done a lot of non-profits, back ends for fundraising, membership management, and fencing, of course. I am flexible in language and technology.

My job is to design and/or program my way out of a job. If I do it right, you will not need me after I’m done. Of course, I’m always willing to jump in when yo need something. In the end, I want to help you create a site that works for you and meets your goals at the cheapest possible price. (Someone should really talk to me about this whole how to make money thing some day.)

Contact me if you are interested.

Graphic Design

I’ve been doing graphic design longer than I’ve doing web design, but let’s not start counting years too much. It’s another field where we constantly adapt. The tools we have today are so awesome. I also have decades of portrait and commercial photography under my belt to help to create your logos, materials, posters, art, whatever it is that  you need.
Writers take note: I can design your book covers, too.

Contact me with what you need.