Heirs of Glory


London 1888. Calvin Sheridan attempts to rescue a friend from his youth. Just as he is about to complete his mission, he finds her brutally murdered. Calvin becomes determined to find out the truth of her murder and solve the crime no matter how horrible it may become or at what risk to himself. He enlists the aid of a fencing master. Can the lessons of the fencing salle help Calvin?
Heirs of Glory is set in late-Victorian London and Paris and follows Calvin Sheridan and French fencing master Étienne Lefevre on an adventure that was not what he planned and not what he was used to. This is the first in the series of books following Étienne Lefevre.

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En garde!

Want to know more? You can find out a little about the historically real personages that show up in Heirs of Glory. You can also see a map of London highlighting many of the locations used in all three books. Could be heavy spoilers! You have been warned.

Real People in the Book    Lefevre’s London Map

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